The town of Guarene (379 mt. s.l.m.) opens its windows on one side to a panoramic landscape which goes from the Neive and Barbaresco’s rocks, Alba, the town with 100 Towers, and on the other side to the hills which mark the border between Langa and Roero, until the Alp’s chain.
The Roero’s hills disappear slowly with the tops of Monviso, Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa and Cervino, between nut trees, vineyards and small villages.
Walking through the streets which cross the small town, you could find a relaxing atmosphere and discover the monuments which describe the history of these places and of its people. 
You could start with a visit to the castle, built in 1726 by the noble man Carlo Giacinto Roero, on the remains of the old medieval castle of the XIII century and then the church of the Annunciation in baroque style dated back to the beginning of the XVIII century. Other important churches and monuments are the parish churh of the XV century, the Madonna delle Grazie church, built in the XVIII century and the S. Michele Church of the XIV century; Palazzo RE Rebaudengo a building of the XVIII century actually seat of a museum of modern art of the Foundation Sandretto RE Rebaudengo. Not less important is the “paramuro”: a panoramic walk, built on the old bulwarks which in the past surrounded the village.
An other attractive place is the hanged footbridge outside the entrance to the Italian garden of the castle. This place will offer you a beautiful position for your photos.
The slopes of the hill from which Guarene dominates this piece of the Tanaro valley are characterized by vineyards, nut-trees and orchards which are an important resource of the territory. The wine and the cooking of Langa and Roero are famous all over the world, the hospitality and the kindness of the people make these places a little paradise.
Meteo Piemonte City of Guarene